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PlasmaLab is committed to blood component research and improved diagnostic testing. Our biologics inventory contains plasma and serum from hundreds of healthy and disease-state donors. We provide products and services for in vitro use to large organizations as well as individual and academic researchers.

With an emphasis on allergy/IgE products, our vast inventory also includes autoimmune, bacterial, viral, food sensitive/IgG, healthy, non-allergic, and coagulation specialized blood products. Our newest product, UltraPure cfDNA, is purified cfDNA isolated from human plasma.

PlasmaLab is also a resource for COVID-19 research. We are actively collecting plasma, blood samples, and saliva samples from recovered COVID-19 patients who received one or more positive nasopharyngeal test results and are confirmed positive for SARS-COV-2 antibodies.

We offer a convenient online catalog of IgE-positive 2 ml and 10 ml allergy research samples and look forward to your inquiries regarding these and additional samples, bulk plasma, bulk pools, serum, and donor profiles. Our inventory is ever-evolving, so please check in often for products that will meet your research needs. We also provide custom biomaterial collection and processing services.

Our commitment to timely communication, competitive pricing, quality plasma and serum products, and customer respect has built loyal customer relationships, some exceeding 30 years. Please contact us for more information about our human plasma, cfDNA, and antibody biorepository. We look forward to collaborating with you on your next project.


PlasmaLab International is a respected supplier of disease-state and normal human plasma to diagnostic, regulatory, academic biomedical, and research facilities worldwide.

Call Today for Information and Inventory 425-740-0956


Our extensive inventory of human plasma and serum products is highly characterized to meet a wide variety of reactivity profiles, including autoimmune, endocrine, gastrointestinal, coagulation, and allergic diseases.

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PlasmaLab’s team will provide timely communication and timeless dedication as we research our inventory and donor availability to meet your project needs.

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