Allergy Products

PlasmaLab is a worldwide supplier of allergic IgE-positive plasma for in-vitro or manufacturing use.

Allergy products are available as bulk plasma, 2 ml serum, and 2 ml and 10 ml research samples. Matched sets may be available.

We have an online catalog of 2 ml and 10 ml plasma research samples. Please note that our inventory changes weekly; thus, some samples may no longer be available. Comparable or new samples may be available.

Please contact us at 1-425-258-3653, products@plasmalab.com, or fill out our online form for product availability from the following categories:

Epithelium & Animal Proteins

Foods & Spices

Grass Pollens



Mites & House Dust

Occupational & Analytes

Tree Pollens


Weed Pollens