Human cfDNA

Verify your in-house research with UltraPure cfDNA, a new product from PlasmaLab International and Ripple Biosolutions.

UltraPure cfDNA is isolated directly from human plasma, unlike “synthetic” cfDNA that is manufactured from human cell lines, often with spike-in constructs. Each lot of purified human cfDNA is characterized for cfDNA purity and tested for efficacy in molecular cloning assays.

Whether you need a starting material for basic research and assay development, evaluation of in-house purified cfDNA extraction procedures, or validation of liquid biopsy assays, UltraPure cfDNA provides robust performance that meets or exceeds that of cfDNA purified by the current gold standard method. UltraPure cfDNA can also be used as a sensitivity and specificity control for rare variant detection assays.

Each vial of UltraPure cfDNA contains 50ng of purified human cfDNA at a concentration of 1 ng/ul. A Certificate of Analysis is included with each purchase. Specific donor gender is available upon request.

Please inquire for bulk orders, custom orders, and shipping opportunities.

Purified Cell-free DNA

High-performing circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA) isolated from human plasma of healthy donors with no known genetic disorders.

UltraPure cfDNA is assay-ready and is not cell-line derived.

Stringent Quality Performance

UltraPure cfDNA is quality tested for
·DNA Size Distribution
·PCR Amplifiability
·Performance in NGS
Library Construction Assays

Global Shipping

PlasmaLab offers worldwide shipping of UltraPure cfDNA.

Within the contiguous United States of America, 24-hour cool pack delivery of the product may be available. Please inquire.

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