Our Commitment to Antibody Research

Trusted since 1985 by local plasma donors and global customers, PlasmaLab is an industry leader in the collection and manufacture of specialty plasma and blood component products for antibody research.

Thanks to hundreds of committed PlasmaLab donors, we have one of the largest antibody-positive biorepositories in the world. We have serviced over 300 research and diagnostic facilities in more than 30 countries. We are proud that our products have been used to develop new medical treatments, improved diagnostic tools, skin-friendly cosmetic ingredients, and food allergy safety controls.

As progress continues in the field of antibody research, as new diagnostics and treatments are developed to improve quality of life, PlasmaLab will continue to provide outstanding care to our donors and exemplary service to the medical research industry.

Our Company's Story


PlasmaLab International, established in 1985 by Dr. Reynold Karr, MD, and Kay Hill, BS, MT (ASCP), is an international supplier of disease-state and normal human plasma for diagnostic, regulatory, and research purposes.

What We Do

As a respected collection point for disease-state antibody research, we invite individuals with specific medical conditions to be screened for our program. Accepted donors make plasma donations in our comfortable donor lounge.

Quality Assurance

Donor safety and comfort are our highest priorities. All applicable FDA, HIPAA, Good Manufacturing Practices, and Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act regulations are strictly followed.