Mononucleosis Patients Needed

Mononucleosis, commonly called the kissing disease, is caused by the Epstein-Barr virus transmitted through saliva. You can get the virus through kissing. You can also be exposed through a cough or sneeze, drinking from the same soda can, eating popcorn from the same bowl, or using the same food utensils with someone who has mono.

PlasmaLab in Everett WA is looking for people currently sick with mononucleosis to participate in paid plasma donations. Candidates must show proof of diagnosis and have a minimum titer of ≥1:8. Compensation is $200 per completed plasma donation.

Plasma collection from mononucleosis patients is time-sensitive. Collections need to take place the first seven to ten days after the patient’s fever disappears. Additional plasma donations may be requested, depending on antibody levels present in the plasma. All plasma donations take place at our medical center in Everett WA. Travel reimbursement may be available for those traveling 50+ miles to PlasmaLab.

Please contact PlasmaLab immediately if you have been recently diagnosed with mononucleosis.

RaeJean@plasmalab.com | 425-258-3653 | www.plasmalab.com/infectious-disease-research-plasma-donation