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PlasmaLab International offers an extensive inventory of human plasma and serum antibody products to aid in medical research and discovery. Low antibody and non-allergic products are also available. Our online and in-house catalogs are always evolving, so please contact us with a list of your specific research and diagnostic needs.

Plasma and serum products are collected, then processed, at our FDA-licensed facility from carefully screened and qualified donors under informed consent stipulating use for in-vitro research and manufacturing purposes (non-injectable) and not to be used for human therapeutic or in-vivo application.

PlasmaLab has a dedicated pool of donors. If you prefer the antibody status of a particular donor, you may order plasma from the same individual over a period of years for consistency.

We also welcome specialty requests for specific medical conditions, bulk pooled material, split plasma units, matched set units, sterile filtered products, and services such as defibrination, saliva collection, and blood spot tests.

Antibody Products

Raw plasma with sodium citrate as an anticoagulant is available as single donor units (100 to 800 ml)
and bulk pools stored at -20° C or colder. No preservative agents are added to the product.

Research samples are available in 2 ml and 10 ml units. Serum is available in 2 ml units.

Each plasma unit has been confirmed negative for HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and syphilis
through FDA required tests. All applicable FDA, Good Manufacturing Practices, HIPAA,
and Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act regulations are strictly followed.

Our human plasma and serum antibody products have a 30-day money-back guarantee.
Certificates of Analysis are supplied with each order.

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